Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get offers?

First you fill out our search request: Search Request
Once we have received your search request, we will personally make a selection of the suitable and available offers and send it to you.

How much do you cost?

Our services are free for tenants.
According to German law, landlords cover the costs involved in promoting their accommodation. This includes our time involved in finding you your perfect accommodation, scheduling and handling viewings, negotiations with landlords, setting up contracts and any advice we give you.

How much does a furnished apartment cost?

All prices mentioned are average estimates per month including additional costs like heating, electricity and water. These prices are meant as approximate guidelines only.

1 room apartments: starting at approx. 420,00 euros up to approx. 600,00 euros
2 room apartments: starting at approx. 600,00 euros up to approx. 950,00 euros
3 room apartments: starting at approx. 950,00 euros
4 room apartments / houses: starting at approx. 1500,00 euros

Please compare the costs of “our” apartments with the hotel prices in the area to get an impression of the going rates and how much you can save by renting a furnished apartment instead of staying in a hotel.

A standard single room in a hotel in our area costs approx.  65,00 euros a night which means that for 16 nights you’ll be paying 1040,00 euros.

When booking a one room apartment for 500,00 euros a month you’ll be saving 52%!

Of course, there are far more benefits of renting a furnished apartment than just the cost. You have a true home, a place you feel comfortable in, a place you can call your own.

What is the notification period?

The notification period is agreed upon between you and your landlord. Generally the notification period is one month and runs to the end of the month.

You can also make a contract with a fixed end date.

When do I pay the first rent?

The first month’s rent is due either in advance via bank transfer to the landlord or in cash when you receive the keys.

How and when is the handover?

Once you have decided on an accommodation and signed the contract you negotiate the handover with your landlord according to your wishes.